Advice for novice Scrum masters

If your story begins: "I don't work as a Scrum master, I'm just learning and I want to become a Scrum master, but how can I be hired without experience?” then this tip is for you

To begin with, let's understand this question.
Did you decide to become a Scrum master because it's really something that you like and are interested in, or is it just a buzzword, a trend-and you went into this story?

If your answer is "just a buzzword” - I recommend that you study the role of "Scrum master" and honestly answer the question, is it yours, so that it does not work out like a number of people when entering a university
If your answer suggests that you are really interested in this role and you just don't know how to become a Scrum master, then below is my advice for you.

Scrum has long gone beyond the perimeter of IT and this advice will also be useful for those who are outside of IT

Tip: See what you can apply to your work from what you have already learned in the training sessions.

Facilitation: Have you had any meetings that could have been much more effective? - Take up the facilitation of the meeting, it's a great practice

You are in the project and it is similar to the " big bang”“ - tell the team about the iterative-incremental approach

Do you have dependencies on adjacents? - think about what you could do to reduce this addiction

Do you have any conflicts in your team? - ask for permission to act as a mediator
I think you already understand what I'm calling for 🙂

Quite often I hear that people forget that the Scrum master is a role in which certain tasks are invested, you do not have to be a full-time Scrum master at the beginning of your journey, it is enough to start practicing the knowledge gained and see how the theory is implemented in practice. Believe me, putting theory into practice is a journey full of surprises and discoveries 😉

Next time I'll tell you about the role of a mentor in becoming a Scrum master - stay in touch #beAgile #ScrumTrek



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