Architectural review of the sprint

Similar to the Scrum event of the sprint review, only between developers and about the architecture.
Archreview is one of the activities that support high-quality joint ownership of the code, when there are many teams in the product and at the design stage, not everyone can physically participate.

At the meeting, each team presents significant architectural changes for the sprint. If there are no architectural changes, you can skip or share something else useful. The story takes 10-15 minutes, then 5 minutes for clarifying questions and feedback.

Archreview profits:

📌 - Synchronization and knowledge sharing
This is a great way to gain experience in architectural thinking. One team designs one architectural solution in one sprint, and with the help of an archview, you can learn about four to eight architectural changes in the product. In addition, the developers will find out who did what and to whom for what information you can go.

📌 - Persistent description of the product architecture
Diagrams and diagrams are good for visualizing an architectural change. The developers bring them to the archview, and they also remain as documentation in Confluence.

📌 - Feedback to improve the skills of developers
Just as the sprint review gives feedback on increment, the arch review gives feedback on architecture.
Experienced developers can tell you what other implementation options could be considered.

📌 - Identification of risks associated with architectural solutions
Ideally, this should not happen. To do this, all the necessary experts must participate in the initial design when preparing the task for the Definition Of Ready sprint. But we are all human, and we can be wrong.
Archview is another tool to prevent errors from causing damage.
It is important to understand that this work has already been done. To redo or cancel it is equivalent to stopping the sprint, and to do this, a very critical risk must be identified.

For four teams, the archview will take one hour. One small meeting in spint, but a great benefit for the internal quality of the product and the development of developers.

If you don't have a regular meeting where developers share their experience, try it! This will definitely benefit the product and the developers themselves.
If you have something similar, write about your experience in the comments. It is always interesting to learn about the processes in different companies and try to apply good practices at home.

Jake Kasinski

Jake Kasinski

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach, Trainer, Consultant