What can be difficult in the position of an Agile Coach?

What can be difficult in the position of an Agile coach is balancing on the boundaries of the context. This is understood not only by the theoretical knowledge of many petals of an Agile coach, but also by the bumps stuffed in practice and not only by their own 🤔

Who are you now?

  1. Coach or Consultant
    When it is appropriate to ask "How would you like it to be?", and when it is not at all appropriate, because if the client knew, he would not have called a consultant, he came for expertise, not coaching.
  2. Facilitator or Moderator
  3. Teacher or mentor
    One more thing...
  4. Coach or psychologist

The thinnest border that is important for a coach to notice during a coaching session and to stop it and direct the person to the right specialist.


Jake Kasinski

Jake Kasinski

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach, Trainer, Consultant