Developer in Discovery: profit for the developer

So, okay, let's say there is a benefit for the product from involving the developer in the development of the task.
And why should I, the developer, do this?

I'll speak for myself:

  1. Additional motivation
    Working through the task, the developer sees the potential value for the product;
  2. Getting new skills
    It is possible to upgrade hard skills of the SQL type. Or soft skills, for example, to remove the mental barrier and start communicating with people outside the team;
  3. Pumping business thinking
    Learn to think with product metrics. This clarifies the picture in my head: why, for whom and what to develop;
  4. Expanding the circle of communication
    It follows from the need to talk a lot at the stage of working out the task;
  5. Fair remuneration and awesome boost to professional growth
    Yes, if you bring more benefits to the product, you can count on reciprocity. Such is the revelation.

In general, I regard this as one of the branches of the programmer's evolution.
To take a leading role in a startup or a well-known company, you can only effectively understand all areas of IT development in order to build a product from scratch.
A product developer is a good start for this role.

Jake Kasinski

Jake Kasinski

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach, Trainer, Consultant